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Wagakoto is an experimental local multi-player Flash game by Ilumbo. Our goal was to design and develop a game that brings the fun of many console games to an in-browser Flash game. The game was inspired by arcade games such as Super Bomberman and Super Smash Bros.

Not many Flash games can be played with more than two local players. Wagakoto has a unique two-button control system. This allows you to play Wagakoto with up to four players at work or in school, using only one regular keyboard.

The movement of the game is simple, as are the different gametypes, but they still require a lot of practice to master. Even players with weeks of experience will improve their skills. This is an aspect we really like about the game, as it keeps it interesting to play.

Wagakoto has eight different gametypes: Bomu, Hasu, Reesu, Sumou, Toroon, Torikowashi, Kingu and Sushi.



Really not that bad of a game, and the different play styles truly do give it a unique stretch within the bomberman style of game play. Obtain several people, and you'd have a casual game that all would enjoy!


It reminds me a lot of mario kart!
Very fun to play and controls are easy to pick up.


Gotta love this game, unique controls, nice art. Mastering definitely takes allot of time. To bad that people judge games like this on being too hard and too innovative. 5/5